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By popular Request Special feature
See Anal Porn Queen Annabel Chong back home with her friends and family in Singapore.. going shopping... taking the MRT...eating at a hawker center.....waking up and taking a leak..... nude in the shower...... meeting her old tutors at HCJC.
See her Class photograph taken during her school days.
See her boobs before she got those silicon implants plus the nude shots that she took in the early years of her erotica career.

Vintage Annabel Action filmed before she achieved Gang Bang Fame. Includes video-clips of her taking it in the mouth, vagina and anus

Barely 20 years old, an innocent looking Annabel in a reflective mood as she contemplates getting screwed on video with the one and only Ed Powers.

Ed asks her politely to take off her clothes... she does so with a tinge of shyness.. something we don't normally see from Annabel..

A great new montage of hardcore Annabel action , Admission is Free if you use the sexkey method of Adult Verification.

Based on the feedback I have been receiving, it would appear that pictures of Ah Lian looking girls are the the target of many Singapore collectors.

I have therefore decided to publish an assortment of sexy Ah Lians (I'll be damned if I know the English equivalent of the this label) that I have in my collection of erotica. Some are not complete sets but all the photos are gems. I have included the pictures which feature a very pretty girl with her legs spread wide apart and sperm leaking out of her cunt.

Brand New Pix
More pix of sperm leaking from cunt... my personal fetish.
More pictures of Girls from Mainland China now operating in Singapore.
Bloody Stuff here..See this gorgeous girl having sex while she's got her period. (For those with Dracula tendencies)
Real live Asian Nightclub hostesses in extremely revealing attire.
HDB Ah Lian caught on camera. See the pics here. (Pics taken from my forum courstesy of IPEEPU)

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